The Operations Team

Amy Barwise
Amy brings over 13 years of sales and management experience to indiGo. Her customer care skills and attention to detail make her a valuable member of our "front desk" team, where she excels. Both Clients and candidates appreciate Amy's helpful and positive approach to all challenges put before her. She also brings a wealth of HR experience and is skilled at finding the right person for customer's needs.

“To work in this environment is exciting, challenging and natural. My experience in dealing with sensitive situations and customer service will, I am sure, be an asset to indiGO’s forward movement.”

Paul Burley
Paul joined IndiGO Staffing in June 2009 to support the consistent growth experienced by IndiGO. He is responsible for Client liaison and business development.

Paul has over 16 years experience of working in employment and recruitment agencies. He has strong local knowledge gained since 1993 and will ensure that IndiGO provides a consistently high standard of service to the growing number of Clients who entrust IndiGO with their work.

“As a local business we will only succeed by providing a high quality service to our customers. We constantly monitor our performance and look to continually improve our processes to best meet the needs of our clients. Only through doing so can we ensure that we always supply high quality staff that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. Only by working in partnership with our customers can we ensure that we are easy to work with. Furthermore only when customers see us as partners will they give us the feedback we need to continually improve and therefore ensure our future success.”

Michelle Tunnell
Michelle joined IndiGO in June 2009 as part of the restructuring plans, designed to take the company to its’ next level of development. Her role is primarily accounts and HR administration oriented.

Michelle also has several years experience in recruitment practices gained whilst working in a driving agency. She brings a very high level of customer service to IndiGO and also ensures that all of our temporary staff are dealt with respectfully and professionally.

“Our Clients and applicants both expect all accounting and administrative matters to be dealt with efficiently and promptly. This is becoming an increasingly important consideration, most especially with the growing amount of legislation and changes taking place in the recruitment sector. IndiGO Staffing keep completely up to date with all of these important requirements through their membership of The REC. We ensure compliance and that our team are adequately informed at all times”

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