Working For Us

Our Candidates are our Reputation

and so they are very important to us and we look after them. There are agencies that treat their temps with less than full regard, with the result that the candidates commitment to agency work is poor. This attitude creates a bad impression of all temporary workers and it is this that we at Indigo Staffing are determined to change.

Our policy is clear: we ensure that temps are paid the market rate and paid on time. We know that our temps are good and we treat them accordingly with the respect that professionals deserve. However, if a temp does not come up to standard, then they do not work for us.


Indigo Staffing will only register candidates who have a good working knowledge of their field and other relevant legislation, in particular and where appropriate, EEC regulations concerning the use of tachographs, working time regulations and vehicle construction and use laws.
It is our intention to develop effective and regular training for drivers.

As an agency we enjoy the flexibility of dealing with a large number of distribution operations, each one with unique requirements. Our client’s standards vary greatly, each one balancing the opposing pressures of cost and quality in their own way. Whatever the specific requirements of a job, the first priority for us is that our driver is capable and qualified for the particular vehicle and job concerned
The economics of the transport industry present particular and critical problems. There is a shortage of drivers and it is becoming progressively more difficult to recruit good transport staff. At the same time we at Indigo Staffing are working to raise the standards. We will not allow standards to drop in the face of the increasing demand


Our policy is to offer drivers the opportunity of adding to their skills with vocational qualifications and to bring them up to standards acceptable to such operations as high profile retail distribution.

Even though a driver may hold an LGV licence he or she may still not reach our required standards. These people are spotted during the recruitment and assessment procedures and rejected. However, there are many drivers who have never been shown the way. Our job is to recognise this in a driver and develop them into professionals.

Drivers with limited experience can be supervised by a more experienced Indigo Staffing temp. No time limit is put on this activity as it depends on the driver’s progress. On-the-job training is also an area we will cover as often as possible. With particular types of work or where no standard equipment is to be used, or even jobs with specific delivery points, we have found that a new driver benefits enormously from spending a day with a driver experienced in the client’s methods and routes.
In order to maximise on the benefits of employing a temp driver, we recommend that the driver be given as much information as possible including a list of instructions, telephone numbers and contacts when they start a job for the first time. One day’s on-the-job training is usually all that is needed to turn a ‘greenhorn’ into a valuable employee.

One of the major pluses in using Indigo Staffing is that all our operating staff are dedicated to ensuring that your operation runs as smoothly as possible. If required, we can add a “Do’s and Don’ts” list specific to your company, to the Drivers Handbook.

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